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In 2006 I ran the LONDON Marathon , albeit quite slowly raising over £4000 for the SAVING FACES charity founded and run by my London colleague Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr Iain Hutchison. The team are shown above, including “Rhino” from Gladiators


Chig marathon 20060005

In October 2006 I ran the CHICAGO marathon almost reaching my target time of 5 hours. A couple of unavoidable comfort stops resulted in a time 5hrs and 1 minute – a personal best (PB)

Lucky to get a place in the draw in April 2007 in the LONDON marathon the unusually hot weather got the better of me resulting in some walking, and time a bit off my target.

In September 2007 the BERLIN marathon provided a most inspiring finish visually with a run through the Brandenberg gate in a respectable time.

Half marathons regularly from then –  BRIGHTON in February 2008 (a fast (for me) 2 hours 9 minutes). a miserable wet Brighton in 2010 and Great North Run (my wife Sue raised money for the charity BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER) in September 2009, 2011 and 2012

Brighton half marathons in February 2011 and 2013.

LONDON MARATHON 2013 My wife and ran the London Marathon on April 21st 2013, and again Sue raised money for BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER. She had a donation page

Marathon medals low

We ran the 2015 Brighton Half Marathon together in a PB time for Sue and again in 2016 with friends when I was little bit quicker.


On the 2nd October 2016 I ran the new Lincoln half Marathon. It was a pleasure to run through my home city past the Cathedral and through the Castle. Time not important (2 hrs 34mins) but usual for me with no walking or stops.

Brighton for the half Marathon on 26th February 2018. running with Sue and then again in 2019 but very slow time as we stopped to help a struggling runner about a mile from the finish. Brighton 2020 and still managing to make it despite appalling weather.

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